The Stress is Real

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Welcome to the Stress is REAL!

Welcome beautiful people of the world! My name is Maddie Hunnicutt; just a new blogger on the scene here to help out with everyday life, for the everyday person. My first post here is just to tell you about The Stress is REAL. I can’t remember when it first began, but I have had a very long struggle with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). Some of the most frequent things I hear from people when I begin to talk about my anxiety is, “just stop worrying about it”, “don’t think so much”, “just try to stop thinking about it”, “it’s all in your head, *insert whatever I’m having anxiety about* is not that big of a deal”. Granted, I try to take into account that people who do not have anxiety can’t really grasp the full magnitude of anxiety, but it is still rather frustrating. This is a page that I created for everyone, but especially for people who struggle with anxiety. I am here to tell you that your stress is REAL (wink wink, blog title)! It is not all in your head.

But, just because something is real does not mean it is permanent.

This blog can be considered a lifestyle blog! It will feature tips and tricks for dealing with anxiety, how to organize your life, motivation, inspiration, and everything in-between! Welcome to the stress is REAL family! This page is about YOU; comment any ideas, questions, concerns, post suggestions, etc. down below! I would love to here from you!