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Why You Will Never Have the Right Answers to Life’s Questions

Why You Will Never Have the Right Answers to Life’s Questions

Already this blog sounds slightly depressing, but I promise it isn’t! Have you ever had those days where you are so frustrated or upset and you just think, “ugh I wish someone would just give me the answers!! Tell me what to do!!”. Yeah, me too. Those times are typically on the days where my anxiety is taking over. Then, of course, nobody gives you the answer which is even more frustrating. The funny thing? They can’t give you an answer because there is NO answer to give. I swear I’m not crazy, hear me out. It took me a long time to learn, but there is no answer for anything in life. Life is completely about interpretations and reactions. The truth is, everything in life happens for a reason. And YOU choose the reason.

STORY TIME! Perhaps this will help me to explain. I am a competitive cheerleader in college. Or, I was. I had a few concussions over my time in college, and last competition season I got a bad one. It was at this point that I was told that I could no longer cheer. Coming up on my SENIOR YEAR, and I couldn’t finish out my cheer career. I was devastated. (This is where that “why is this happening to me” questioning starts coming in). This event happened in March. I start feeling sorry for myself and wonder why something like this would happen. Eventually I came to the conclusion that life is unfair and I have to deal with it. Here is where the crazy thing comes in.

Fast forward 5 months later. It’s now August. I’m student coaching for my college cheerleading team, sadly reminiscing on the time when I would’ve been on the mat instead of watching from the side. Then, I get a phone call. It’s the bone marrow registry. You see, the week after I had gotten my last concussion back in March, I had signed up for the bone marrow registry just because they had a table outside of our cafeteria at school. My mom has been on this registry for almost 20 years and has never received a phone call. But, on that day, I had gotten the phone call that I was a match for someone. Though it was still very early in the process, the woman called to let me know I could potentially be saving someone’s life soon through doing a bone marrow transplant. I was thrilled! She explained the various steps and procedures that I would have to take. She said I could be called to complete the procedure any time from the next day to six months from now. Then, she asked the magic question. “Ma’am, is there anything in your life, schedule wise, that would prevent you from being able to complete this procedure?”. Then, I thought about it. Last year, I would have said yes. See, this surgery plus recovery time I would have been out of cheer for at least 2 weeks. This doesn’t seem like a long time but trust me in the world of cheer it may as well be two years. If I were still cheering, I wouldn’t have been able to do this bone marrow transplant. And there was my answer. I said, “No ma’am, my schedule is clear and I’m ready to help when you need me”.

You see, my question was “why did this awful thing happen to me”? The answer that I originally chose was “because life is unfair; here ya go enjoy”. Now, my answer had shifted. “Why did this awful thing happen to me?” “Because I needed to have my schedule completely open and available to this person who may need me to save their life”. Did this call from the bone marrow registry have any direct correlation to my concussion? No, absolutely not. But, I CHOSE to see the good in a situation. I chose to see that something bad that had happened to me had a good purpose.

That is why you will never have the “right answer” to life’s questions.

Because YOU choose the answers to life’s questions.

Choose the best answers, because as Charles Schultz says, “In the book of life’s questions, the answers are not in the back”.

That’s all I’ve got for this post! I hope this was helpful for you in some way! As always, this page is one that I want to be helpful for you; comment any ideas, questions, concerns, post suggestions, etc. down below! Just click the “leave a comment” button up top; I would love to hear from you!





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